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Aero Enterprise Aust Pty Ltd Engine Overhaul

Engine Overhaul

At Aero Enterprise Aust. we carry out engine repair and overhaul of Continental and Lycoming horizontally opposed engines. Our engines are overhauled in accordance with Civil Aviation Safety Authority requirements and manufacturers specifications under a rigid system of quality control.

Aircraft Engine Overhaul Policy

When overhauling your Lycoming or Continental engine, we are dedicated to safety, reliability, and the highest quality workmanship. We are proud to say we are not a high production shop. Your engine overhaul gets personalised attention.
We pay particular attention as to the condition of your engine at teardown.

All AD's, SB's and other factory directives, are complied with and noted. After a complete inspection, you will be called and given a thorough report concerning your engine, and at that time you may observe your engine parts at our facility. We are a friendly shop and enjoy our customers.
Aircraft Engine

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