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Aero Enterprise Aust Pty Ltd Propeller Overhaul

Propeller Overhaul

We are able to carry out repairs and overhauls of the following types of propellers, Hartzell, McCauley, Sensenich, Dowty Rotol, MT.

What will you do to my propeller during overhaul?
An overhaul, by definition, is the periodic disassembly, inspection, repair, refinish and reassembly of a propeller system.
Aero Enterprise is equipped with all the specialized tools and fixtures required to disassemble and reassemble the propeller.

Technicians will disassemble and conduct a thorough inspection of all reusable parts. The assessment includes visual, magnetic particle, eddy current and penetrant inspections. Additionally, we will dimensionally inspect all reusable parts ensuring they are within tolerance after any type of repair and eliminate all evidence of scratches, nicks, burrs, corrosion and other damage.
The propeller is then reassembled to factory specifications, lubricated, balanced and returned to service having complied with all applicable service documents and airworthiness directives.

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